Amateur Night Drag Races at Sears Point Raceway I

Cool California spring weather - perfect for racing!

This 1969 Mustang is way cool

Better not mess with this 1966 Chevelle

This Lexus LS400 dialed in at 16.1 seconds
The Chevy pickup behind it is driven by two middle-aged women!
I wonder if my engine could use a Donutcharger...
Cops showed up to promote safe driving - keep the racing off the streets, and on the track.
Looks like he'll need more practice! (17+ sec 1/4 mile)
Jamie's Spunky Nova
If you see this yellow Nova with "SPNKY SS" license plate, don't mess with her!
Catch me, if you can
Another female-piloted Chevy - extremely fast!

Check out the graphics on this Chevy Vega

That's right, a Kaiser-Frazer Henry J drag racer!

Wait, a drag racing Gremlin??

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